Waldorf-inspired community school „Hebet el-Nil“, Luxor, Egypt

Hebet el-Nil
Hebet el-Nil
Hebet el-Nil
Hebet el-Nil
Hebet el-Nil

There is an urgent demand of adequate schooling among the families on the West Bank of Luxor. The governmental school system is more and more unable to deliver both the necessary quantities but worse the necessary quality in education that Egypt would need to cope with today‘s and future challenges. Hebet el-Nil is an international project for providing the rural population in el-Bai‘rat village on the westbank of Luxor with a modern school facility. The school has been meanwhile provided with the necessary approvals within the Egyptian education system and works within the regulations which apply for community schools, whilst providing additional elements and methods transfered from the Waldorf pedagogy approach and adapted for the target group of children in the rural setting of Upper Egypt.


scope of work:


support and consulting the local community and international supporters in establishing the NGO „Hebet el-Nil“, project meetings with all stakeholders incl HE the Governora of Luxor, support and consulting the Hebet el-Nil NGO for establishing the community school and get necessary approvals from governmental entities in the eductaion sector, establishment of criteria for suitable land for the school construction in Luxor, preparation and execution of educational need assessment for 4 of the central educational districts in the Governorate of Luxor covering over 50 schools, complete analysis of problems and shortcomings in the basic education sector and providing the NGO, the MoE directorate, the local GAEB branch and HE the Governor of Luxor with the results, conceptional analysis of basic requirements for room program and required areas of the school, cost estimation for different scenarios as basis for the NGO‘s fund raising activities



„Hebet el-Nil“ foundation, HE the Governor of Luxor






General Authority for Educational Buildings Egypt (GAEB), Ministry of Education Egypt - Education Directorate of Luxor

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